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New Agutaya, San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines

The Barangay New Agutaya, located in the picturesque locale of San Vicente, Palawan, has a rich history that extends back to its roots as a small settlement. Formerly known as “Nasalugan”, a term derived from the Cuyunon word “saleg”, translating to “floor”, this barangay was once merely a sitio (sub-village) of Barangay Alimanguan, positioned in the southernmost region of the Municipality of Taytay.

The founding of this sitio can be attributed to Mr. Bartolome Adion and his family, including his brother-in-law Mr. Jose Favillaran, who were its first inhabitants. As time went by, the area experienced an influx of settlers from the municipality of Old Agutaya, leading to a predominantly Agutaynen population.

Recognizing the need for their own independent barangay due to their increasing population, the residents of this sitio wrote a petition letter to the Municipal Mayor of Taytay, Domingo Mercado. Their request was accepted, paving the way for the formation of a new barangay, with Mr. Bartolome Adion taking the helm as its first Barangay Captain.

As the community grew, the residents felt the need to reflect their origins in their new identity. In a barangay meeting, Melquiades Pablico proposed the name “New Agutaya” to honor their roots in the municipality of Agutaya, a suggestion that received unanimous approval. Thus, from that point onwards, the barangay has been known as New Agutaya.

The emergence of the municipality of San Vicente on June 21, 1969, brought further change. New Agutaya, along with Barangays Binga and Alimanguan, transitioned from being part of the municipality of Taytay to becoming an integral part of San Vicente. This strategic decision made by the municipality of Taytay further solidified the status of New Agutaya, enhancing its identity and role in the larger community of San Vicente.

This brief overview encapsulates the evolution of Barangay New Agutaya from a small sitio to an influential barangay. It celebrates the spirit of community, resilience, and identity that underpins this vibrant part of San Vicente, Palawan.