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Poblacion, San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines

Barangay Poblacion is not just any ordinary locale. It holds a prominent position as the town center of San Vicente, a municipality in Palawan, Philippines. Serving as the civic and economic heart of the town, Poblacion is also home to the Municipal Government Center, thereby playing a pivotal role in regional governance and administration.
Poblacion is strategically located 186 kilometers from Puerto Princesa, the city known as the center of Palawan, and is easily accessible via the Itabiak Junction, Roxas. It also has the added advantage of being in close proximity to the San Vicente Airport, merely 2.5 kilometers away, boosting its accessibility for travellers.
Perhaps one of the most compelling attributes of Poblacion is its robust tourism potential. Its scenic location amidst stunning islands and a 14-kilometer Long Beach puts it in an enviable position to tap into the burgeoning tourism industry. Reflecting its potential, it has been included in Cluster 1 – Tourism Enterprise Zone (TEZ) under the Tourism Master Plan.
Despite its relatively remote location, Poblacion can be reached both by land and sea, depending on the prevailing weather conditions. This accessibility is expected to improve even further with the government’s ongoing road connectivity projects, which aim to link Poblacion with all other barangays in the region.
Poblacion’s progress is driven by collaborative efforts between the local government of San Vicente and the Barangay Government of Poblacion. Together, they ensure the effective enforcement of laws and implementation of various programs and activities geared towards socio-economic growth. As part of the TEZ, Poblacion is under the purview of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority which is responsible for implementing all tourism-related initiatives.
Barangay Poblacion is a dynamic community with an influential role in regional governance, an active commercial hub, and a tourism hotspot with its picturesque environment and potential for development. It stands as a testament to the vision of Palawan’s leaders in creating sustainable, connected, and vibrant communities while harnessing the inherent beauty of their natural surroundings.