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The Long Beach is only 10 – 15 minutes away from an airstrip which is now in the last phase of construction. Please see the status/progress of the construction below:

  • Runway – COMPLETED. The runway was already used several times by chartered and small aircraft.
  • Hill Obstruction Removal – ONGOING.
  • Passenger Terminal Building – ONGOING. Construction already started.
  • Elevated Tank – Not started yet.

The completion of the airport construction in San Vicente was delayed due to the needed additional funding. However, in answer to this, according to Mark Lapid in an article published in the Philippine Star last September 8, 2014, the government has committed P300 million for the improvement of the San Vicente Airport.

The completion of the airport construction in San Vicente is much awaited by those investors who have already purchased properties for hotel & resort development, as well as those who venture into land banking.

Just like in any other areas where an airport was established, the completion of the airport construction in San Vicente is expected to result to:

Significant appreciation of land which can be equated to the dramatic increase in the unit selling price of real estate properties. It follows then that, for anticipators, it is good to invest in real estate properties before the airport gets completed by next year (hopefully). Considering the prime location being in the Long Beach area, plus the fact that it is just a few kilometers away from the airport, the unit price could double, triple, or even more upon airport completion.

The influx of tourists. With the beauty of San Vicente, coupled with many tourist attractions and activities, plus its strategic location being in between the Underground River and El Nido, one cannot stop the number of tourists coming to, and through, San Vicente.

The airport may initially operate as a domestic airport, and then later on, when the need arises, may be converted into a regional airport to  cater the needs of the growing tourism industry in San Vicente.