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San Vicente Palawan is eyed to be a practical and convenient gateway to El Nido once the airport becomes operational. With many beautiful tourist attractions and exciting activities, being a practical & convenient entry point to El Nido also means that tourists will not allow missing the chance of experiencing San Vicente Palawan. As such, it is eyed to cater to a greater number of tourists than El Nido because it will also service tourists to the Underground River and its very own tourists.

Practical Gateway

While El Nido is serviced by smaller planes via a private airstrip, the airport in San Vicente is a public infrastructure designed to cater to large commercial aircraft which can provide affordable airfares to passengers.

Convenient Entry Point

Land travel to El Nido from the City of Puerto Princesa takes around 6 – 7 hours by bus which can be significantly reduced to around 2.5 hours if tourists will be coming from San Vicente by van. Currently, the majority of the tourists of El Nido enter Palawan via Puerto Princesa Airport.