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Through the years, Port Barton in San Vicente, Palawan, is a popular choice for budget backpackers and other adventurous international travelers, who are looking for a remote, rural and relaxed beachside village with a friendly atmosphere and stunning natural beauty.

Port Barton is an existing tourist destination in San Vicente which ranks 4th in Palawan in terms of tourist arrivals. The first three top tourist destinations are:

  • 1st – Underground River & Puerto Princesa City
  • 2nd – El Nido, and
  • 3rd – Busuanga/Coron

Logically, because Puerto Princesa has an airport that services domestic flights with affordable fares, it becomes the popular entry point for most tourists going to El Nido thereby adding figures to its actual local tourist.

The ranking is expected to change once San Vicente Palawan Airport becomes operational because San Vicente is closer to El Nido than Puerto Princesa.

Port Barton ranks 4th despite being remote, less advertised, and less developed. Hence, one can imagine how robust is the potential of Port Barton once San Vicente Airport becomes operational.

Most European tourists in Palawan go to Port Barton which is famous for its scenic sunset, laid back atmosphere and friendly community. Port Barton is also the island-hopping center of San Vicente Palawan.