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8th Reason Why You Must Invest in San Vicente

El Nido is Closer to San Vicente Than Puerto Princesa City

Most tourists going to the globally renowned El Nido are coming to Palawan via Puerto Princesa City, which houses an international airport.

Puerto Princesa to El Nido takes around 5 to 6 hours by land from Puerto Princesa City.

San Vicente to El Nido only takes around 2 to 2.5 hours by land.

There are 12 major reasons why you must invest in San Vicente. This is one of the 12.

Other reasons include:

1. San Vicente is home to Asia’s second-longest white-sand beach.
2. The Long Beach is a Flagship T E Z (Tourism Enterprise Zone).
3. As a Flagship T E Z, investors enjoy fiscal and non-fiscal incentives under the TIEZA Program.
4. The Flagship T E Z is a master-planned development.
5. It is home to the famous Port Barton.
6. It’s beautifully rich!
7. It is located between the Underground River and El Nido.

9. It has a domestic airport, with a plan for conversion into a regional airport in the future.
10. The study conducted by Palafox Associates shows that San Vicente may surpass the tourism arrival of Boracay as early as 2044!
11. Many big investors have already secured their piece of San Vicente!
12 Property value is increasing tremendously and still has more room for appreciation.