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12th Reason Why You Must Invest in San Vicente

Property Value in San Vicente Palawan is Increasing Tremendously and Still Has More Room for Appreciation

If you want to invest in real estate, look for developing areas with a clear path to becoming full-blown destinations.

San Vicente is far from being fully developed, which means, property value is still far from reaching its ceiling.

Actually, there are still many properties outside the Long Beach area, and they are cheaper.

It’s not too late to get the remaining pieces.

Now, here’s the sad truth: banks provide less than a 1% annual interest rate for your savings or deposits. That’s less than ₱10,000 per year, and still subject to tax, if you have at least 1 million sleeping in the bank.

That is called banking!

Do you know that about 2 decades ago, beachfront properties in San Vicente are selling at ₱200K per hectare?

Now it ranges from ₱20K to ₱27K per square meter, depending on the location, in Long Beach!

So, if you were able to buy an hectare big (10,000 square meters) for ₱200K in the past, its current selling price would be around ₱200M to ₱270M!!!

That is called real estate investing.

A few decades ago, Boracay beachfront properties were sold at ₱2,500 to ₱5,000 per square meter. Now it’s more than ₱100k per square meter!

Real estate has proven to be a low-risk but high-yielding form of investment whose value increases despite inflation and the pandemic!

Ten years ago, rice field properties were selling for ₱200K per hectare.

Now it ranges from ₱500 to ₱1K per square meter, depending on the location, at the back of Long Beach!

If you were able to buy a rice field (10,000 square meters) for ₱200K in the past, its current selling price would be around ₱5M to ₱10M, depending on the location.


Do you know that Megaworld was able to sell all of its 1st batch of commercial lots last year (2022) in Paragua Coastown at more than 40K per square meter?

That’s during pre-selling and that’s “lot only”!

Here’s Another Trivia!

Do you know that some nearby properties were selling at ₱2,500 to ₱3,000 per square meter a year before Megaworld launched Paragua Coastown?

Prices of many lots in Kemdeng immediately rise to ₱5,000 per square meter, depending on the location, following the said launching.

Imagine the future of your investment in San Vicente!

It’s flooded with so many investors that sooner or later will launch their projects/developments!

And San Vicente is full of opportunities, full of potential!

There are 12 major reasons why you must invest in San Vicente. This is one of the 12.

Other reasons include:

1. San Vicente is home to Asia’s second-longest white-sand beach.
2. The Long Beach is a Flagship TEZ (Tourism Enterprise Zone).
3. As a Flagship TEZ, investors enjoy fiscal and non-fiscal incentives under the TIEZA Program.
4. The Flagship TEZ is a master-planned development.
5. It is home to the famous Port Barton.
6. It’s beautifully rich!
7. It is located between the Underground River and El Nido.
8. El Nido is closer to San Vicente than Puerto Princesa City.
9. It has a domestic airport, with a plan for conversion into a regional airport in the future.
10. The study conducted by Palafox Associates shows that San Vicente may surpass the tourism arrival of Boracay as early as 2044!
11. Many big investors have already secured their piece of San Vicente!